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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Wonder Woman Clip

Here's another clip from one of my Wonder Woman movies. This is the Opening Scene from Episode 5! There are 7 in all. Hope you all enjoy! Wonder Woman is played by Brandi Ice and Drucilla, Wonder Woman's little sister is played by Traci Dalton...both drag queens we are friends with. BE WARNED-there is some foul language!


manxxman said...


I feel very badly for you, your partner and your children. Although my ex and I haven't divorced yet, our children are grown and are making there own way in life.

I hope what little I was able to give you will be of some help.

I'll continue to follow the drama, here's hoping that the court will finally decide that they need to make some rulings.


Patti_Cake said...

Crap I can't see J's video. I know it's a HOOT! *pout*

Vargas Would Have Loved Me said...

Awesome.... made me miss Joel too much though. Watching his movies without him isn't the same (it's always funnier when he's cracking up at his own jokes...lol)