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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Wonder Woman Clips

I being the ever creative one of our relationship, made all these Wonder Woman clips I have been uploading to YouTube and then linking here. Many of you have asked about them since I started posting them so here are the details.

I went to college for Telecommunications. I have my own business doing Wedding Videography and would like to get a job doing this full time but it hasn't happened yet. BUT for "shits and grins" I make parody movies using local gays from the community (mostly friends I work with or acquaintances of ours...and then the local bar we hang at has a "Movie Premier Night" to showcase my latest work...not to mention they play on the late night local Cable Access channel. I started doing this while in college with titles such as My Boyfriend Sucks (a vampire horror movie) and Her Majesty's Secret Hooters (James Bond type movie), Sherlock Homo and the Case of the Phantom Dildo (a gay detective movie) and SuperFag! (a gay Superman type movie) just to name a few. One night at the local gay bar, while I was planning my next movie I met Brandi Ice...a local phenomenon transsexual drag queen. She mentioned that she LOVED Wonder Woman and did impersonations of her in drag shows.

And thus a relationship was born of it. Brandi has starred in 7 Wonder Woman short movie parodies for me...the director, writer, producer and editor. Brandi and I later became roommates. So yea. That is the story of the videos. Each video lasts 30 minutes to an hour (the YouTube clips are only small clips). We have recently putting up a PayPal store because we get a lot of request for the movies. I know they show them at some gay bars (1 in south Florida has them and 1 in Virginia) around the US. So I posted 2 more segments tonight and they are both below:


To learn more about the movies and what all we have to offer, go to www.specialtentertainment.com


Tony said...

Oh my gosh! How fun! Could Wonder Woman be ever more graceful running in red high-heel boots. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Brandi is one fierce bitch...

Love ya Mama
~Alesia Davenport~