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Monday, November 12, 2007

Miss Gay Bloomington Revue Show

Last night, My husband and I attended the Miss Gay Bloomington Revue show. One of the pageants we currently own and promote is the sister pageant to Miss Gay Bloomington and was started by the owner of that pageant. Last night was supposed to be the pageant but it was postponed for unforeseen circumstances.

We always to try attend the local pageants as a representative of our pageants, handing out cards, looking for talent for our pageants, looking for possible contestants, and just to see our friends, many who are in pageantry of some sort. It was good to see so many people out last night. Since the local gay bar closed last year, there really hasn't been much opportunity for us to see a good drag show.

I tried to take some pics with my phone (forgot the camera) but only 2 came out decent. One was our friend Vicci doing her Cher impersonation and the other was of Allana Steele, a cast member at Talbott Street in Indianapolis. It was fun to see Imelda Michaels perform also. She has not been on the drag scene since I first came out...WAY BACK WHEN!

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Akoni S. Chaput said...

Love the wonderwoman clips...lol. Great stuff.

I am back after some gruesome plots in my life. Hope all is well where you are, and this new specialentertainment kick some serious ass!!